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Eastern Market News & Events​

A Weekend Trip to D.C.'s Eastern Market

Amy Presuhn, November 2014


Need something to do this weekend? Take a trip on the Blue/Orange Line and hop off at Eastern Market. This Washington hot spot is glistening with farmers market faves and flea market bargains. Don’t forget the shops and restaurants nearby – be sure to make time for the quirky stores and brunch. Definitely brunch.


Holy cannoli, this place is great. Please laugh at my attempted dessert joke and grab another one of those delicious monsters...


The 12 Best Bakeries in D.C.

Sarah Anne Hughes, December 2013


While D.C. has become known as something of a cupcake town in recent years, there's no shortage of bakeries in this city where you can get other delicious pastries or the perfectly baked loaf of bread. Below, the 12 best places to do just that, according to DCist writers...



Eastern Market To Be Featured On the Food Network?

Missy Frederick, March 2013


Can Market Lunch's crabcake take Guy Fieri to Flavortown? It's looking like the Food Network's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives may have been filming at Eastern Market this week. An Eater tipster sent in this photo of a Food Network disclosure form hanging up near the Market Lunch stand yesterday. The memo warns participants that they cannot speak to the press without permission or post about the show on social media. There was also signage on the doors to the market telling customers that entrance means they're giving consent to be filmed...


More Than Just Cupcakes At the Fine Sweet Shoppe

​Maria Helena Carey, May 2010

Recently, a friend was lamenting that we do not seem to have a gourmet cupcake option on the Hill.  And although I agreed and lamented along, I started thinking about it and realizing that it’s not exactly true.  While it is true that we do not have hip new places — with the exception of Curbside Cupcakes, which is Hill-based but which is not there should you need your fix of flour, sugar, and whipped deliciousness whilst strolling around our fair neighborhood — we have a great bakery that often goes overlooked...

Eastern Market Rebuilt!
Capitol Hill Community Foundation

The oldest continuously operating food market in the city, Eastern Market is also the center of life in our community. The devastating April 30, 2007, fire destroyed the roof and shut down operations in the entire building. The City reacted immediately to construct a temporary East Hall across 7th Street from the Market, and the market re-opened in August, just 3 months after the fire. And in the summer of 2008, the beautifully restored Eastern Market opened its doors to the public.

After the fire, the Capitol Hill Community responded with typical generosity by contributing almost $500,000 to the Foundation’s Eastern Market Fund...

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